Water meter MIRTEK-71-BY has been confirmed to technically match european standards.

Cold and hot water meter MIRTEK-71-BY has sucessfully went through testing and received a number in national register of metering devices in Belarus!

In 2018, Belarus has accepted new standards GOST ISO 4064, raising requirements for metering characteristics, testing methods and trial processes for cold and hot water meters. This GOST fully fits european metering devices standards, which heavily differs from Russian one. The main difficulty completing these testings was the fact that the standards have been raised, but testing field for these standards was not prepared!

We searched for labs, approved for this kind of testing, in Belarus, and nearby countries. We took part in preparing these labs, assisted in organizing these testings.

We enchanced our technilogies greatly in order to meet the requirements, created by new standards.

Our universal vane water meter has undergone metering part with boiling water, stream breakage trials, magnetic field effect, tested for EMC and IP65. It works with water pressure up to 10 atmospheres, reads data with water temperature of 90 degrees C. It was able to withstand SHF waves for 20 minutes, and continues to work correctly even with a powerful neodymium magnet.

Please welcome, amazing multifunctional vane cold and hot water meter MIRTEK-71-BY!