ООО «MIRTEK» is the only one company in the Far East which produces smart metering instruments

Watch the video of the Development Corporation of the Far East erdc.ru, which is the controlling company on the territories of advanced development and in the free harbour Vladivostok.

OOO “MIRTEK” became a resident of the free harbour Vladivostok 2018 which is a territory with special customs, tax, and administrative regulation. Residents of the free harbour Vladivostok use privileges in income taxes, property taxes, a reduction of the unified social tax and administrative preferences.

MIRTEK is the only one company in the Far East which produces smart metering instruments. Our #smart meters are already being installed in many cities of the Far Eastern Federal district – to Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky. And from the first of July 2020 usual electricity meters will be replaced by smart meters in Russia in a massive way.

The production capacity of the department is ready to produce up to 10 000 devices per day. These are meters which can not only meter readings, but also process, store, and transmit data. They can work according to one or several tariffs, they can fulfil the self-diagnostics, store records about events happened to them, record trials of non-prohibited access and  magnetic field influences. These meters can be built in in an Electricity Commercial Metering Automated system or transmit information straight to a homeowners’ association.

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